The National Institute of Public Health
Šrobárova 49/48
100 00, Praha 10

Phone: 00420 26708 1111
E-mail: podatelna@szu_cz



The National Institute of Public Health  (NIPH) is  a health care establishment for basic preventive disciplines - hygiene, epidemiology, microbiology and occupational medicine. Its main tasks are health promotion and protection, disease prevention and follow-up of  environmental impact on the health status of the population.


The   main   activities   of    NIPH    comprise  science  and  research,  reference and   methodological advice,  providing expert opinions on the health safety  of   various products  (e. g.  cosmetics,   food supplements, items  of  daily use etc.), systematic monitoring of the  environmental impact on population health in  the   Czech Republic,  preparation  of legislation in the field of health protection, including harmonization of Czech legislation with the  norms of the European Union. In the field of health promotion and disease prevention, NIPH concentrates on the most important health problems – epidemiological surveillance of severe infections (AIDS, hepatitis, newly emerging and re-emerging infections) , and promotion of a  healthy life style (prevention of cardiovascular  diseases and tumors, healthy nutrition, drug abuse prevention).

The Institute plays an active role in pre- and postgraduate training of physicians and other health care workers and provides consultations to professionals working in the field

The Institute was established by Act 258/2000, Article 86 Article86.doc(23,50 KB