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     The Scientific Information Unit of the National Institute of Public Health, Prague is a specialized library and information centre registered pursuant to Act No. 257/2001 (Library Act). It is one of the service departments of the National Institute of Public Health and its main task is to provide information support to researchers and other professionals of the Institute. The Scientific Information Unit also serves users of the Public Information Service Network in the areas of health care and public health. 
welcome02.gif      The Scientific Information Unit provides library, information, retrieval, translation, photo documentation and reprographic services to researchers and other professionals of the Institute and keeps records on their publication activities. It collects, processes and disseminates the literature and other data from epidemiology, microbiology, occupational health, health protection and promotion, creation of healthy living conditions, environmental health monitoring, environmental protection, food chain safety and other related fields. Apart from printed documents, the Unit provides access to a range of electronic sources and online databases.The Unit collaborates with partner centres all over the country as well as with libraries in other countries. It serves both intramural and extramural users and provides interlibrary loan service.
     The library stock comprises almost 90 thousand library items. For 2013, the library is subscribed to 90 journal titles. The automated library system KPWinSQL is used for entering, processing and retrieval of library items.
     The Unit issues the periodical  Acta hygienica, epidemiologica et microbiologica intended for the public health service and other health care organizations. It has also been involved in issuing the Central European Journal of Public Health and Hygiena, the web site of which it runs.