The National Institute of Public Health
Šrobárova 49/48
100 00, Praha 10

Phone: 00420 26708 1111
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The aims of the Institute

The mission of the National Institute of Public Health

The National Institute of Public Health is a budgetary organisation of the Ministry of Health. The legal status and tasks of the institute are postulated by paragraph 86 of Law No. 258/2000, in the wording of Law no. 320/2002 and provision of the Minister of Health no. 31334/2002 from 17. 12. 2002. The statutary representative is the Director who is named and recalled by the Minister of Health on the proposal of the Chief Public Health Officer of the Czech Republic.

Paragraph 86 of the cited law states that the mission of the Institute is to cover a  spectrum  of activities comprising creation of the basis for national public health policy, health promotion and protection, providing methodical reference activities and monitoring related to public health, researching the environmental impact on human health, international collaboration, post-graduate education in medical fields and health-related education of the general public.


The National Institute of Public Health is authorised to collate such personal health-related data on individuals as are associated with disease prevention, monitoring long-term tends of infectious disease incidence, occupational health hazards and the epidemiology of drug dependence, and transmit this data to public health facilities.